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Free consultation Yes Yes
Pay as you go Yes Yes
Account disputes Yes Yes
Inquiry disputes Yes Yes
Dispute letters Custom tailored Computer generated
Team working on your case Certified Credit Specialists Telemarketers
BBB Rating "A+" Rated (0 Complaints) Numerous complaints
TrustLink Members 5 star rating Bad reviews
NACSO Members Yes Unlikely
Personalized service Yes Unlikely
Number of items disputed per cycle Up to 45 Up to 15
Toll free, live phone support Credit / Debt Experts Telemarketers, if any
Direct creditor interventions Yes Cost extra if available
Certified mail, when needed Yes Cost extra if available
Complaint filing with regulatory agencies Yes Cost extra if available
Debt validation Yes Varies
Personal information correction Yes Varies
Public record disputes Yes Varies
Postage and handling of mail Yes Varies
Performance guarantee Yes Varies
Identity theft resolution Yes No
Chex Systems resolution Yes No
Security clearance assistance Yes No
Escalated information requests Yes No
Settlement offer assistance Yes No
24 hour access to secure online account Yes No
Real-time progress updates Yes No
Privacy requests Yes No
Special requests Yes No
1 on 1 credit building coaching Yes No

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