Why Does Credit Repair Work

Why it works

Keep in mind; the credit bureaus are privately owned corporations that make Billions of dollars annually (that’s right BILLIONS)! They make these billions of dollars by selling sensitive consumer data and credit scores. They collect and sell our personal information to lender’s, insurance companies, employers, marketing and credit card companies and they even sell it back to us “the consumers” in the form of credit reports and scores.

Unfortunately, they make mistakes. Lots of mistakes!  We have reviewed tens of thousands of credit reports in my years of doing this and we can assure you that it is extremely rare to see a completely accurate credit report.

It’s not just the credit bureaus causing these problems:


  • Debt collectors and creditors regularly cause significant problems to credit files and all of these mistakes affect people in almost every aspect of their lives.


  • It affects your ability to buy homes, automobiles and insurance. Credit can determine eligibility to get a job, or funding for their business. Low scores or problems on credit reports increase the cost of living due to high rates on credit cards and just about anything we want to finance.

Luckily there are laws to protect you including the FCRA, FDCPA, TILA, FACTA, HIPAA and many more. The laws are on the consumer’s side and any consumer can do this on their own, or they can hire a company like us as a convenience to do it for them, correctly!