Author: Corey Gray

Corey Gray

Calculating FICO Credit Scores

Calculating FICO Credit Scores Credit ratings vary from scoring model to scoring model, but in general the FICO scoring system is the standard in the U.S., Canada and other global areas.   The factors are similar and may include:   Payment History (35% contribution on the FICO scale) – A record of negative information can

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Common Questions About Our Credit Repair Services

Question: How much does it cost? Answer: The setup fee is normally $499 and billed after we complete the setup work. The monthly fee is $139 and will continue on the following month on same day of the month for services performed the previous month. We often have special discounts available depending on your situation.

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Credit Assistance Network’s Accreditation’s

Accreditation’s Of all of our accreditation’s we are most proud of the BBB, Trustlink, Chamber of Commerce and NACSO.   B.B.B. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gathers and archives information it receives about businesses, both locally and nationally. The BBB’s purpose is to collect information on business reliability, alert the public to fraud, provide information

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Why Does Credit Repair Work

Why it works Keep in mind; the credit bureaus are privately owned corporations that make Billions of dollars annually (that’s right BILLIONS)! They make these billions of dollars by selling sensitive consumer data and credit scores. They collect and sell our personal information to lender’s, insurance companies, employers, marketing and credit card companies and they

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